I was trying to sleep one night when this sprung to my mind, or rather my eyes. What is it with accessory manufacturers making each and every status LED on their product as bright as possible!

I bought a Vantec Nexstar enclosure some time ago for my extra hard drives and when I turned it on I was greeted by a blue light so bright Jupiter could spot it. This was tolerable as long as it was in the day, however at night, there was this constant blue aura which kept me up! (I can’t sleep when its not completely pitch dark, unless I’m in a car). This seems to be fairly consistent with chinese design/made gadgets.

Dear Manufacturers, you’re building a HDD enclosure, casing or network switch not a torchlight! For goodness sake, do not spec your LEDs at their theoratical maximum, but rather leave them at a level where they’re not intrusive to the workspace environment! Apple is a company that has pulled this off well, so has Nokia.

On that note, I finally threw in the straw and put a 680 ohm resistor in line with the LED on the enclosure, effectively dimming it to a more acceptable level.

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