the table fan

a decision i made 5 years ago has returned to bite me in the arse last night. whilst playing l4d2 with a couple of friends my graphics card decided that it was a little too hot, resulting in my PC giving up the ghost. of course, the reason behind this is simple – i forgot to turn my table fan on.

Yes, table fan. 5 years ago, when assembling the computer, I decided to passively cool my graphics card with a coolermaster coolviva heatsink. This seemed to be a good idea at the time since passive, silent computing was the “in” thing in 2005. Fast forward to 2010, when I’m playing L4D with friends. Usually I have a table fan pointed towards my open case in order to provide some degree of auxiliary cooling. On that faithful night, I forgot to switch on said fan. What happened afterwards was quick, simple and painful. Also expensive – the new card cost me $109.24.

The dead card was a XFX 6600GT. It was replaced with a EN220 from ASUS. One of the things that I’m supremely thankful for in this case was the purchase of a motherboard with PCI-E slots – the first of its kind in 2005.

I guess there’s a fringe benefit to the death of my graphics card. I no longer need to have the table fan on whilst gaming.

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